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All custom framing work carried out by us is, where necessary, performed in accordance with guidelines issued by the P.P.F.A. (Professional Picture Framers Association).

All works on paper Animation cells (cellulose)
All works on canvas Canvas Stretching
Needle works / tapestries and textiles Glass/Acrylic Replacements
Jerseys and clothing Bulk & One-Off Mat Cutting
Photography Mirrors
Certificates and degrees Gift Vouchers
Medals and jewellery Gallery Hanging System
Memorabilia and objects Picture Hanging Service
Paper tolle Sports Clubs and Charities

Home or Office Consultation
We are always happy to visit you to discuss your needs. This also helps us to ascertain your styles and tastes. We can also arrange pickup and delivery at a time to suit you.

Custom Framing Of:

All works on paper
Including watercolour, acrylic, oil, pastel, charcoal, pencil, crayon, inkjet prints, laser prints, posters, etchings, engravings, lino cuts and mixed media. Mounting and hinging methods we use are in accordance with P.P.F.A. (Professional Picture Framers Association) guidelines. We use alpha cellulose and cotton rag mat as a norm and other speciality mount boards where required. Archival quality foam board is used as backing and where necessary we always recommend ultra violet rated glazing. Back to Top

All works on canvas
Whether it be a traditional slip inside an ornate frame, a contemporary gallery style frame or a floater frame, we have a fantastic range from which to choose (Masterchef painting by Phil Meatchem). Back to Top

Needle works / tapestries and textiles
These pieces are usually laced or pinned onto archival mount board or acid free foam board. Glazing is only necessary when mount boards are used as a surround and in some cases can be detrimental to a textile due to entrapment of humidity. We will discuss these issues with you at the time of consultation. Back to Top

Jerseys and clothing
All pieces are individually sewn or laced around foam board or other archival structures to ensure the integrity of the garment without any stretching out of shape. No adhesives are used, and, as is the case with all of our work, everything is fully reversible without any detrimental effect to the framed piece. We have a special range of mat boards which reflect bright sporting team colours. We use bunting where practical to give shape and form to items of clothing to help bring them to life. Back to Top

Varying types of photography often require differing grades of mat board. Un-buffered rag mat is naturally acid free and is used for matting certain types of photographs such as chromogenic, albumen, dye transfer and other alkaline sensitive articles. Wherever possible, we identify the type of photograph to be preserved before we make any final decisions regarding framing. Back to Top

Certificates and degrees
You put in many years of hard work for these and we believe in preserving and presenting them to their best. Many inks used in signing are not stable and can fade over a period of time. We recommend ultra violet reflecting glazing to ensure their longevity. Back to Top

Medals and jewellery
These are often placed into cases or presentation cabinets so they can be removed and worn for special occasions or ceremonies. Relevant photographs, letters or other memorabilia can also be included to tell a story. Ease of removal is facilitated by using magnetic case facings, hinged doors or removable backing. Back to Top

Memorabilia and objects
Being 3 dimensional this style of framing lends itself well to deep rebated frames and shadow boxes or presentation cases made from acrylic. Sports balls, boxing gloves, bats, golf clubs, musical instruments and any other dimensional object can be framed. We always like to include photographs, letters or anything pertinent to the memorabilia to help tell a story. We organise everything including plaques and name plates. Back to Top

Paper tolle
Shadow box frames with fine linear edges and layered mats with spacers in between can emphasise the depth of paper tolle. Back to Top

Animation cells (cellulose)
Due to different expansion and contraction rates of paper and cellulose, mounting methods for animation cells differs to mounting of artworks on paper. Cells work best when they sit on a shelf made from acetate with little or no conventional top hinging. Regular styles of matting with brightly painted bevels can make these fun pieces. Back to Top

Canvas Stretching
All forms of artwork on canvas or other textiles, including photographs, oils and acrylics can be stretched. We only use finger jointed stretcher / strainer bar which inhibits twisting and warping. We also use stainless steel staples to prevent rust destroying your artwork. The methods we use to staple ensures there is no undue stress put on any single thread. Back to Top

Glass/Acrylic Replacements
We are happy to replace broken glass which includes disposal of any remaining pieces. We will discuss with you the benefits of using acrylic for its ultra violet protection properties and its resilience to breakage. There are several different grades of glass and acrylic which offer varying degrees of reflectivity and U.V. properties. We will always recommend the glazing option which best protects your artwork. Back to Top

Bulk & One-Off Mat Cutting
We were the first framer in Australia with the Wizard brand of computerised mat cutter (CMC). Wizard are recognised as the leading brand of CMC’s in the world of custom picture framing. With this technology we can offer all forms of decorative mat design. We can cut 1 or 1000 mats with a minimum of fuss, all in colours and styles to suit you. Back to Top

Mirrors are available to order in any size and frame style. Bevelled and tinted glass is available. Back to Top

Gift Vouchers
A creative idea for someone special or a last minute gift idea. Our gift vouchers are available for any amount and any time to suit. Back to Top

Gallery Hanging System
Our gallery hanging system is sold as individual components. You don’t have to buy pre-packaged bits and pieces that you don’t want. We offer white or aluminium finish track, nylon or stainless steel drops with appropriate hangers and hooks for picture rails. There are also heavy duty hangers for large commercial applications. Specialist track lighting is also available. Back to Top

Picture Hanging Service
Our hanging service ensures what goes up stays up. We arrange your artwork in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and to your tastes and requirements. We use only the best hanging hardware, we leave the area cleaner than when we arrived, and all this is at one fully inclusive hourly price. Back to Top

Sports Clubs and Charities
Wherever possible, we support local charities and sports clubs by offering discounted rates for custom framing. Back to Top