About Peninsula Reflections

We are a small boutique framing studio with big skills, knowledge and technique. The people you speak to from the beginning are the people who do your work and present it to you at the end.
Whilst we are small, we have many corporate clients who appreciate our personal service and unique designs which helps to set them apart from their competition. Some of our clients are actually picture framers themselves!!!


Bill has over fifteen years experience in the framing industry as the co-owner of Peninsula Reflections. With a background in an industry closely monitoring fashion and colour trends, nationally and internationally, and a keen eye and talent for photography, Bill brings a wealth of artistic talent to the studio. Always willing to chat and liaise with clients, Bill, who has been a Master Certified Picture Framer with the PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association) for over 4 years is always keen to educate people on the processes and reasoning behind the things we do.


Linda has a long background within a customer service oriented business. Linda looks after the day to day running of the studio and liaises with clients at the design counter. As the co-owner of the business, she also has over 15 years of experience within the framing industry, and enjoys working out solutions to complex projects.